What is an Eldership Project

The aim of The Eldership Project is to inspire and support actual physical projects that can help us achieve our vision – to establish Eldership in Australia by 2020.

All of the previous pages tell us some things about who Elders might be and what they might do.

Now we need to explore what projects could get those people doing those things.

Here are some of the ideas discussed at the Forum on Eldership. They are all written – at this stage – in just a few lines. Obviously they need considerable development before they can be called viable projects, but they can certainly get you thinking.

You might like to consider making one of these projects – or something like them – actually happen. Or you might have your own project. Or you might like to just send us some ideas to share with other people.

Here are some thoughts …

Elders on Parenting
Elders present workshops on parenting.

Public Speaking for Elders
Workshops are presented for Elders (possibly by Elders) on the skills of public speaking. Graduates would be encouraged to go out there and tell their story or to go and speak up on issues that concern them, and be heard.

The Elders’ Book of Life / DVD
A book/DVD of ‘Life Lessons’ accessing the tremendous knowledge of Elders. For example, answering the question, “If you could teach people one thing based on your life experience, what would it be?”

Welcoming Ritual in Residential Care Facilities
Revising the welcoming procedures at Residential Care Facilities to make it into a welcoming ritual – an invitation – possibly even an invitation into Eldership.

How to Die Well
A guide to Death and Dying that bascically says, “Don’t die until you have ticked this list!”

Elders get Elders
A small group of locally-active Elders grab each other and get to work in the community, playing an active role in whatever needs to be done.

A TAFE Course on Eldership
TAFE runs either a Course In Eldership or a course on The Fostering of Eldership – taking “Aged Care” to a whole new place.

My Grandfather’s Shed
Spend time with Eldermen, repairing, using tools, learning about safety, learning car maintenance – being in the presence of Elders.

My Nana’s Kitchen
Spend time with Elderwomen – as above but learn sewing, mending, knitting, cooking.

And, of course …

Grandma’s Shed
Like My Grandfather’s Shed but it’s an Elderwoman doing the teaching. And …

Pop’s Kitchen
Granddad shows you a few tricks around the kitchen.

Elders In Class
Elders come to classes to give a fresh perspective of such things as history, economics, science and art. This could be based in Primary Schools, High Schools, Tafes and Universitites.

The “For Young and Old” National Film Contest
Proposed by Horabin Company, this will be a national online film contest in which the film-makers are under 21 and the subjects of the films are Elders. More on that soon!

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What is an Eldership Project

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