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A project is not eligibile if…

  • It is only designed to entertain old people, but not to cultivate Eldership or engage older people in Eldering roles
  • The project has no apparent community benefit

This is where you can upload the details of your project.

By doing this, we hope that you will promote your project to a wider audience and inspire many others to create projects of their own.

Eventually, we may also have annual Eldership Project Awards and projects featured on this site will be eligible to win. But that’s down the track a bit.

Is my project eligible?

If you answer yes to these questions, then your project is eligible to uploaded onto this site:

  1. Is the primary aim of the project to cultivate and apply Eldership in the community?
  2. Is the project either already operating or, at the very least, in the formative stages? (Note, if it is just an idea for a project – with no structure, resources or people behind it – we have a different place to upload those ideas: on the “What is an Eldership project?” page).

What is the process of submitting a project?

  1. You fill in all the boxes (or as many as you can)
  2. We receive that email.
  3. We take two weeks to just read over the information, confirm the project and its contacts exist and confirm the suitability of the project
  4. If that’s all fine, we upload the project

Any time you want to change any of the details, you just let us know and we help you to do that.

Submit Your Project

Start a project!

The Eldership Project website is full of resources to help you run your project.

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What is an Eldership Project

Find out more about Eldership Projects.

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