Elements of a Project

To get an idea of what we mean by “project”, have a look at examples of projects on this site.

The boxes you will fill in when you upload details about your project are also a good start for deciding exactly what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it.

PROJECT NAME – What do you want to call it?
PROJECT MANAGER – Which individual or group is going to be responsible for it?
IN A NUTSHELL – Describe your project in just a few words. Be concise. Try explaining to a couple of other people and see how easily they grasp the point of it.
PROJECT AIMS – What are you hoping to achieve with this project?
NUTS AND BOLTS – Plan out how the thing will work. Make a list of stuff that would need to get done for it to happen.
PROJECT OUTCOMES – If the project is already happening, what have been the outcomes so far?
RESOURCES – Think about resources you need and make a list. Do you need money? People? Space? Equipment?
THE FUTURE – What is your vision for the future of this project?

Start a project!

The Eldership Project website is full of resources to help you run your project.

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