Using Our Wisdom - A Rite of Passage for Men Moving Into Elderhood

A personal development project happening in Nowra, New South Wales

In a Nutshell

“Using Our Wisdom” is a carefully crafted program that considers a man’s journey from birth, to the present and into the future. Enjoy an opportunity to acknowledge and embrace the special, sacred role of the Elder within this unique and intense 3½ day exploration.

Through the program you will:

Establish: A clear understanding of your life’s purpose and direction
Discover: A joyful vitality to create new possibilities in your life
Develop: The capacity to build stronger and more meaningful relationships
Become: Clear on the legacy you want to leave for future generations
Explore: New ways of contributing to your community and society
Reflect: On the key issues of this stage of your life
Evoke: The personal and collective stories of our lives
Find: An acceptance and peace of who and where you are now
Open: Your heart and mind to new opportunities
Create: More freedom and creativity in your life

Project Aims

To help more men become Elders in their communities.

We believe Elders need to care for themselves, each other, their children, their children’s children, and the Earth.

We believe an Elder asks the question:

“What impact will my actions have in seven generations time?”

Our intention is to facilitate a process in which more men take on this role of Elder.

The Nuts and Bolts

Date: to be advised

Tapitallee rainforest retreat, set in beautiful NSW South
Coast bushland, near Nowra. Accommodation is twin share in 1920 carriages.
Near NOWRA, NSW (approx. 2.75 hours south of Sydney)

Allan Rudner: 0411 191 354


Project Outcomes

Insights, knowledge and skills to become and fulfill the roles of Elderhood.
Connection with other men on the same journey.


“I discovered that I was not alone…” Wol

“Elderhood workshop… opened my heart, allowing me to identify what is truly important in my world. Thanks guys.” Cr. Tony Kay

“A program that helps you understand your past and how it gives purpose to your future.” Ken

“Two weeks are now gone since this very special event and I feel, and I’m not using this expression easily, that this was a life changing experience for me, for which I want to thank you … It was a great gift to listen… to realise that this is part of life and when something goes away, something new can grow, as long as we stay open.” Klaus


Men in the second half of life.

Contact/Get Involved:

Project Manager: Allan Rudner

Contacts: *Phone:* Allan Rudner: 0411 191 354 *Email* *Website*

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