Boy 2 Man

A community project happening in Nambour, Queensland

In a Nutshell

A school based ‘Rite of Passage’ course for year 9 boys. There are 7 lessons that comprise the ‘education’ phase, followed by a separation ceremony, 3 day camp, return ceremony and celebration. The lessons are taught by myself and supported by male teachers. We take on the role as ‘elders’ due to the goal of passing on wisdom and experience to the younger boys in our community. This year we also plan to ask another elder to attend the return ceremony and ‘officially’ welcome the boys to the local community of men.

Project Aims

This is primarily a boys rite of passage and not necessarily an eldership project. However elders accompany the boys through all phases, other than the celebration phase which is the responsibility of the family. The inclusion of another elder at the return ceremony will also create intergenerational integrity, and also take one more step toward our boys recognising elders in our community.

The Nuts and Bolts

Course aim is to have boys intentionally taken through a modern day rite of passage in which the primary concept of manhood relates to them taking responsibility within all their relationships. In one school, it has become part of the curriculum and facilitated in class hours. In another school, it is optional, yet still facilitated in class time.

Project Outcomes

To lead the boys toward a form of manhood that will strengthen their lives and our communities.


I can email copies of a newspaper article, Head of school reference and participants survey results if desired.


Year 9 boys


Due to my past profession (Police Officer for 23 years), I encountered too many boys in men’s bodies. I also saw how a good, balanced and responsible man could impact a family and community for the good. This motivated me to write this course and make it available to as many boys as possible, hence the school direction. In researching, I noted the one constant in all rite of passages across the generations was the intentional involvement of elders from their community.

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Project Manager: Kevin Hamer

Contacts: Kevin Hamer 0411 365 787

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