Social Media exchange

A media project happening in Sunshine Coast, Queensland

In a Nutshell

Older people are increasingly isolated. Youth communication is part of the isolation. Students in schools will work through the council libraries and retirement homes to meet and share their social media skills, and in the process learn the old style “Social Media”

Project Aims

Youth to gain Certificate qualification in Volunteering which is part of the Queensland Certificate of Education.
Youth realise that they have advanced skills, and so do older people, but that the social media is different.
Older people will be able to access remote family and friends through their new confidence and knowledge of Facebook, email etc
Older people will have the chance to interact and “temper” some of the ideas of youth.

The Nuts and Bolts

So far we have the support of Sunshine Coast Council Libraries to provide computer access; Volunteering Queensland can, as a registered training organisation, provide a recognised national certificate which requires students to do 30 hours volunteering. Two schools on the Sunshine Coast have already expressed interest to make this happen in 2012.
Seasons Retirement Villiages are supporting the partnership and keen to find ways to value their residents. They have computers available for use in the properties.

Project Outcomes

Best possible outcome will be an ongoing mentorship of a young person who would not have otherwise had the tempering of an elder.
Most likely outcome, older people are better able to use technology and keep in contact with friends and relatives. Young people have developed a better understanding of older people.
Young people value the learning from the older person and may consider working in Aged Care.
Young people will have a stronger understanding of community.


At this stage we are bringing the schools and agencies to a meeting. TBA


Schools students, and students at risk of community disengagement and older people who have a need for skills to use new technologies to access family and friends.


I can see that two groups in our community can benefit if they get together.
I have been discussing this with other Partnership Brokers in Brisbane and Caboolture. And we are working together. Partnership Brokers are funded to support youth attainment and transition, and so we are aware of the problems of students that disengage and many barriers they face, particularly if they have few family and community supports.

Contact/Get Involved:

Project Manager: Presently: Deborah Moseley

Contacts: Deborah Moseley Queensland Youth Industry Links, Partnership Broker Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

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