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In a Nutshell

If you have never attended a MEN IN BALI Retreat, now is the time to gift yourself with nine (9) nights and eight (8) days of this exceptional special experience, conducted in the beautiful village surroundings of Pondok Saraswati near Ubud in Bali.

In both our MEN IN BALI programs, ‘A Man’s Journey’ and this ‘The Elders Way’, we offer considerate and respectful group work, personal process, village walks, adventure, sharing circles, bodywork, local jazz and performance, meditation, stunning local cultural events, innovative workshop process, care, service, beautiful food, reflection, and a few surprises, profound change can happen. Far from an escape retreat, these group experiences offer men a real, safe opportunity to go to the essence of themselves, to share and explore as a potential springboard, the next part of their life’s journey.

No matter what his age, when a man is ready for this work, he is willing to seek that emerging part of himself that is rich with deep feelings, a desire for honest engaging communication and support from other men. This aspect of our inherent maleness is often not readily available in our society and can often be hidden from us by the busy-ness of our lives. Being safely held and nurtured within these MEN IN BALI programs offers men an accessible alternative to the rush of daily life. A privileged opportunity, a special gift to yourself.

Your MIB team for these programs are; – Wes Carter, Peter Efford and Geoff Paull.

We deeply believe in the inherent beauty embodied in the life of every human being. We are committed to creating a unique and engaging environment where men can safely question and explore their personal social conditioning and what being a man means to them. A place where men can seek authenticity in their life. In Bali, we co-create a safe, supportive and confidential space together, where we can gently explore our talents and flaws, our failures and victories with a reverence and a deep appreciation of the journey towards being the man we want to be.

Who can attend?
Any man willing to explore his own personal journey through life, a man willing to shake off the stereotyped messages about how tough, competitive, and independent we are supposed to be, men who know that they have a sense of contribution and challenge to make to themselves, their families and the community. We want men who are adventurous and enthusiastic about life itself, men eager to enter into unknown territory and find the disowned parts of themselves.

Project Aims

This project aims to encourage men to take a special time away from their daily environment and explore some of the different concepts about being a man. During the past MEN IN BALI Programs, over 70 men from Australia and New Zealand have joined us to experience some of the most rewarding and positive personal journeys available anywhere in the World. We offer men of all ages, an exclusive opportunity to explore their personal potential in a unique tropical setting, we have many returned participants.

The Nuts and Bolts

Designed for men aged 55 and over, The Elders Way program offers an opportunity for men to explore the potential of their last great journey in life. Far from being a place of placid ‘retirement’. The Elders Way challenges you to claim and celebrate this magnificent period of your life as a precious gift and reward for your accomplishment and contribution to yourself and to others. You will learn and share about letting go, detachment, wisdom, blessing, witnessing, creativity and the homecoming of spirit and the heart. Deeper, we will carefully and respectfully journey towards the great domains of your frailty and dying, knowing that even here there is much to be accomplished. Elders are a much needed resource within our community, there is work to do!

Project Outcomes

What’s in it for you?
The MEN IN BALI Programs are a really special time to embrace the spirit and seasons of our lives and to enter into the mystery and beauty of being a man. Where else can you tell your story and be respectfully heard by other men, without being ridiculed, shamed, put down or ignored? We know that through this unique experience, conducted over 9 nights and 8 days, in the presence of compassionate men, you will gain another level of awareness that maybe you did not have before. The supportive exploring work that we do together is enough to provide some new direction for those of us still searching.

Limited to just eight participants, this is a special time to leap from the roller coaster of life and claim for yourself, nine (9) nights and eight (8) days devoted entirely to you!

The Men in Bali Program Guides
Wes Carter, Peter Efford and Geoff Paull.
They are noted for their emphasis on positive nurturing, active exploration, and capturing the possibility, abundance, fun and deep knowing that men can have in sharing their life and experiences with other men.

Wes Carter ……..A Father and Grandfather, Wes has been around a long while and involved in just about every aspect of men’s development over the last 27+years. A pioneer of the Men’s movement in Australia, he has committed his life to exploring and contributing to the wellbeing of men. From his deep source of life experience, he shares and facilitates with rich, resonate compassion. His work has touched 100s’ of lives. Wes is absolutely committed, he brings humour, challenge, support and life experience to this important work.

Peter Efford……. is an extraordinary educator, a person of enormous generosity and fun, an accomplished artist and facilitator, Peter’s warmth and laughter are at the very source of his attraction and ability to engage people. Peter has for many years worked with men from an intuitive base, he seeks to support and encourage men to explore their untapped potential, their inner knowing and their innate wisdom. For Peter, Bali is his second home.

Geoff Paull’s…… work as a Psychologist and Life Coach includes many years of counselling and coaching in emotional wellbeing, relationship enhancement, family and parenting issues and personal and professional development. He has participated in and facilitated men’s groups for the past nine years and his teaching of practical life-skills and helping men to dismantle barriers to achievement has been applied successfully by hundreds of men to enhance their day to day lives.


Any man who is aged 55+

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Project Manager: Peter Efford

Contacts: Peter Efford 08 9293 2363

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