The Time of Your Life

A community project happening in Western Australia

In a Nutshell

A residential weekend for men aged 50 and over.

The purpose is to provide an introduction for men into ways in which they can explore some of the challenges and opportunities of mid to late life.

This special weekend is for men who are interested in exploring their own concepts of growing older, who want to identify important issues in their life, find some new ways to share what we know about the shift from the Warrior to the Elder, its many satisfactions, its bonding and accord, its purpose and value to the community.

Project Aims

Encouraging men to become Elders and to consider ways in which they can share their life experience in the wider community.

The Nuts and Bolts

The residential weekend involves the key ingredients of respectful welcome and acknowledgment for each man, comfortable accommodation, great food, no alcohol, group work sessions based on trust and confidentiality, creating some collective ritual space, forming into age-appropriate affinity groups and providing thoughtful didactic and physical pursuits.

Project Outcomes

Raising awareness about the multitude possibilities for honouring the ageing process and encouraging men to consider the prospect of becoming an Elder when they reach the age of 60.


Men aged 50 and over


Knowing that there is basically nothing available for older men except an emphasis on spending, holidays, hobbies, security and physical health. We are wanting to provide some alternative nourishment and stimulation

Contact/Get Involved:

Project Manager: Wes Carter

Contacts: Wes Carter - 08 9337 8434 Peter Efford - 08 9293 2363 Peter Fry - 08 9272 4252

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