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In a Nutshell

Through considerate and respectful group work, personal process, village walks, adventure, sharing circles, bodywork, local jazz and performance, meditation, stunning local cultural events, innovative workshop process, care, service, beautiful food, reflection, and a few surprises, profound change can happen. Far from an escape retreat, these group experiences offer men a real, safe opportunity to go to the essence of themselves, to share and explore as a potential springboard, the next part of their life’s journey.

Project Aims

Over the past 7 years the Men in Bali programs have provided an outstanding opportunity for men from Australia and New Zealand to explore their potential in a unique tropical setting. Over 70 men have participated in the past eleven programs. Limited to just eight participants, this project aims to encourage men to take a special time away from their daily environment and explore some of the different concepts about being a man

A residential Retreat in Ubud, Bali which covers nine (9)nights and eight (8) days of workshops, cultural events and socialising.

The Nuts and Bolts

Designed for men in midlife, this is an opportunity to take account of your progress through the long passage of your years of active accomplishment and responsibility. To explore together, the great pageant of the masculine journey, and gain the power of choice about what really matters for you as a man. How to texture and pattern your responsibilities, longings and passions towards service, gift, grace and, most important, your generous heart. This workshop creates the vision to share and see yourself as part of the great cavalcade of the masculine journey and create choices about how you will be as a man in your future!

Project Outcomes

Basically offering men an opportunity to review their life situation, their own personal process and how that impacts on their relationships, family situations, work and socialising in the general community. Offering support for any changes they want to make.


Did the Retreat meet your expectations?
• Exceeded them – Steve A
• Yes very much so – Geoffrey
• Yes – Dick
• Yes, a definite positive here – Rick
• The Retreat experience went way beyond any of my expectations, delivering for me a space where I was able to be in true integrity with myself amongst good men, opening my heart to them and feeling safe and honoured throughout the week. The atmosphere was perfect for connecting with the other men and being able to share some rich and deep aspects of myself with them and not feel judged in any way – Brendan
• It went way beyond my expectations! I attended the same Retreat in March 2005, which was fabulous. However, this Retreat, for me, went beyond any sameness with last year to another level and depth that I was not anticipating. This may just become an annual Pilgrimage for me! – Brendan
• Yes very much so – I did not have any huge expectations but was simply open to the experience and wanted to spend some time with Wes………… I enjoyed the free flow that arose and the ability of Wes to hold space and also to lead the group when required. It was a safe environment to have our challenges arise………. I think there could have been a bit more time spent in group work rather than touring and shopping but it’s a hard balance to strike. Some of the sessions run by Wes were inspired and there were heaps of good tools for me to learn from…It was shame we ran out of time and I was conscious of leaving early which may not have been very useful as we did not have a final night together to conclude as a group. – Murray
• I went with no clear expectations. From discussions I thought sessions would be loosely facilitated around the book which I did purchase and read prior to going to Bali. While the themes of the book were introduced Wes was open to the group determining the direction of the work and that tended to be more based around individual’s interests and needs. Nevertheless the process used by Wes is very engaging and enables all present to learn and gain insights – I got a lot out of all the group work both in exploring my own story as well as those of others. I would have liked more discussion and sharing around our spiritual journeys and the greater focus on the spiritual that many men have in the second half of their lives. Having said that I feel that the group work we did in the time available was about right. I engaged with it in a way that took a level of emotional and other energy and so time out to socialise, experience Bali rest and relax were an important part of getting the balance right and for me the balance was right. – Steve
• Most certainly. You guys rock and the retreat rocked and it was great! – Andrew
• I went prepared to do more work, in hindsight felt like I’d been let off the hook. Would have liked to do more work on the book – relevance to me. – Tony


Men of all ages who are wanting to take a look at the effects of their own personal socialisation and how that impacts on the lives of themselves and others in their life.


Apart from a few isolated personal development weekend programs available in WA, we decided to offer men an affordable, residential nine nights and eight days in Bali, devoted entirely to the exploration of personal issues in a confidential and nourishing setting.

Contact/Get Involved:

Project Manager: Wes Carter and Peter Efford

Contacts: Wes Carter - 08 9337 8434 Peter Efford - 08 9293 2363

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