Elders Rites of Passage

How do you become an Elder?

At The Forum on Eldership, we imagined there was some kind of course in Eldership. We assumed it included instruction, facilitated learning, reflection, study and practice.

There are people around Australia working on developing rites of passage and/or education courses for Eldership. Some of them are on this website as examples of Eldership projects.

Here are some of the things the Forum on Eldership generated as possible parts of the curriculum:

Eldership 101: The Self

Know thyself
Leaving your ego at the door
Enjoying self-respect, self-worth and self-belief
Embracing the purpose of Eldership
Who am I? And whose am I?
Reconciling and healing my past and present
Seeing and embracing the future
How to join, connect, accept and unite
How to die well
How to listen completely
How to deal with community
Using the power of positive thinking & synergy

Eldership 201: The Community

How to work in a team – as an Elder
Developing the confidence and skills to express yourself
Public speaking
The balance of give and take
Strategy – what are you going to DO?
Focus on your strengths and what you have to give
What’s important – and what’s not
Staying motivated and getting support

Eldership 301: Doing it

Developing an action plan
Working with grace
Accountability and responsibility

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The Eldership Project website is full of resources to help you run your project.

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